¿Todo listo para tu viaje para México este verano?

Aquí está una lista de cosas indispensables que debes saber para tu viaje a un país que hable español.

Are you planning on going to Mexico this summer? Check out this useful guide to see if you are ready!

  • Another Beer – O Trap Serve Be Zap
  • I’m hungry – Tent Go Ham Bread
  • A little, A few – Puck E Two
  • A lot, much – Moo Chop
  • Where is the bathroom – Done The Star Elle Van E O
  • Let’s Dance – Bam Us A By Lark
  • I’m Wasted, I’m Drunk – S Toy Bow Rap Chow
  • Refried Beans – Free Hall Eat Us
  • Some Tacos – On Us Tacky Eat Us
  • Very Hot – Moo E Calling N Tea
  • Very Good – Moo E When O
  • Some Eggs – On Us Web Eat Us
  • Delicious – Kerry CO.
  • I Don’t know – No Law Z
  • Waiter, Server – Mess Zero
  • Come here baby – Bend Pack Up Mama Sea Tap
  • Kiss me a lot – Bet Sammy Moo Chop
  • Tomorrow – Manny Anna
  • Please – Poor Fab Our
  • Chill out – The Head The Star Sheen Gang Dog
  • See you later – I Seven Way S